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Financial Services

In today’s world people want to do business with people that can help them identify problems and then provide solutions. The bigger the problem the more value you bring to the relationship and the longer they stay with you. You and your team will learn questions that help people self-discover their problems as well tell you their personal “why,” which is the best way to overcome any potential objection. Learn how to bring up the problem first, the loss of their income, then provide solutions such as life insurance, hospital income and disability income.

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Accelerated Growth Culture

People are motivated by what’s most important to them, so first learn about what is most important to your individual team members. By showing them how much you care about helping them achieve their goals, they will be more bought in to you as their leader. You will learn how to turn accountability into something that they actually want. Imagine a culture where everyone is focused on getting a little better every day. Then every year will be about beating the previous year. Imagine that over a career!

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Business Acumen

If you Google Business Acumen you will find many different definitions, here’s ours: Applying the knowledge and skills of your business in a strategic manner to maximize (what’s most important to you/profit/revenue) in the most efficient manner to achieve balance in life. Typically these lessons come with time and experience, but exceptional people can learn from others. These courses will provide you the knowledge and skills to help accelerate your acumen.